Buying your diamond in Botswana

Private Collection not only carries diamond studded jewellery, we also offer a wide range of loose diamonds: black diamonds, fancy coloured and fancy shaped, which you can use to create your own bespoke piece of jewellery.

Factors to consider - the 4 Cs

Globally, the 4 Cs are used to determine the value and quality of diamonds.
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Cut (the shape):
A proportionally cut diamond will bring out the fire/sparkle of the diamond. The more brilliance (fire/sparkle) a diamond has, the higher the value.
Colour (the shades or tints):
The colour of diamonds ranges from colourless to yellow and hues of brown. Fancy coloured diamonds ie. green, blue and red, like colourless stones are extremely rare. The more colourless a diamond is, the the more expensive it will be, unless if it is of a natural fancy colour.
Clarity (imperfections that the stone has):
The number, size and location of imperfections determine how clear or pure the diamond is. The less the imperfections the higher the quality.
Carat (the size or weight):
A carat is 0.2 grams in weight. The weight alone does not determine the value or quality of a diamond... these values are highly dependant on the other 3 Cs: cut, colour and clarity.
* When visiting Botswana you are entitled to a 12% VAT return on any purchase over BWP5000 (approximately USD750). Private Collection staff will assist in completing the necessary documentation, making it a stress-free process.
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