Diamonds for good

"For our people, every diamond purchase represents food on the table;
better living conditions; better healthcare; portable and safe drinking water;
more roads to connect our communites; and much, much more."

Festus Mogae, the former and democratically elected President of Botswana.
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Facts and figures:
  • When measured by value, Botswana is the biggest producer of diamonds in the world.

  • Roughly a quarter of Botswana's labour force is directly or indirectly linked to diamonds.

  • Botswana is a member of the Kimberly process, a United Nations backed initiative that has virtually eliminated trade in conflict diamonds.

  • The Botswana Government is working with the diamond industry to ensure the Batswana are involved in the entire diamond process - from mining to the selling of the finished product.

  • When diamonds were discovered in Botswana in 1966, there were only three secondary schools; today, due to revenue from diamonds, there are more than three hundred.

  • In Botswana over 80% of the anti-retroviral drugs provided free of charge to citizens are paid for with revenue from diamonds.